Discover the potential market of top of mind messaging platform in Indonesia

With over 70 millions monthly active users, BBM is the most engaging mobile messaging app in Indonesia.

2.3 billions daily ad requests

2% average click-through rate

Used by 90% of mobile internet users

20 minutes daily average use

Do More with BBM Ads

Drive Traffic

Optimize your traffic by reaching potential customers through BBM’s advanced targeting system including geolocation, demographic, operating system, carrier and network type.

Increase App Installs

Get higher conversion rate by targeting your campaign to specific OS versions. Our dedicated creative and analytic team will help monitor and maintain your campaign performances.

Grow Community

BBM Channels, BBM’s unique community platform, allows you to have high quality engagements and conversations with real people. We can help you achieve your community’s growth rate.

Raise Awareness

Promote your brands, events, products or apps throughout the digital space. BBM’s Sponsored Post Ad Unit helps drive viral awareness with engagement rates as high as 5%.

Ad Formats

Native Ad Units

Sponsored Post, Sponsored Invite, and Chat List Native Ad Units appear in user’s News Feed, Invite Box, and Chat Feed, respectively. Blend in nicely with app’s UI for better visibility.

Rich Media Banner

Why be still when you can be dynamic and interactively fun? Steal the spotlight with Rich Media Banners on Sponsored Post Ad Unit and get three to six time more engagements compared to standard banners.

In-stream Video

Grab audience attention with a seamless native video ad experience.


Bulletin appears in Chat Screen, clicks to a native HTML page that can be tailored to display any contents and links. It’s like having your own micro site inside the app.


Branded sticker packs potentially create millions of user generated brand impressions and can also link to your mobile properties.

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